Daily Prompt: BFFs | The honey sandwich symbiosis

Daily Prompt: BFFs | The honey sandwich symbiosis

During the first year of Pre-school I pretty much lived off of honey sandwiches – they were the bee-knees. However, during my second year I decided that I was done with them. Mainly because the refrigeration at my Pre-school turned my once gooey, sweet honey sandwiches, into hard crystalized honeycomb like bricks. But also because all the other kids got chips with Tazo’s in them.

One day I decided to send a message to my mom, who had refused to buy me chips or change my sandwich filling, and so I deliberately left my honey sandwiches at home. However, after running around like only a 3 year old child could, I was starving and deeply regretting leaving them behind.

It was only during snack time that my teachers noticed my lack of lunch and energy. Thus the onus had fallen on them to sustain me until my mom finished work. Their solution was to ask my entire class if anyone was willing to share their lunch with me.  Catherine was the first person to put her hand up.

She gave me her baby carrots, her bread crusts (which she hated and I loved), and shared her apple with me. From then on, we formed our own little symbiosis.  I would eat all her healthy lunch, and she wouldn’t be scolded by her mom.  Looking back, I’m so thankful that she hated carrots and bread crusts and that her mom forced her to eat them.  Because without that, she would most likely not have raised her hand so quickly, and I wouldn’t have learnt just how important sharing could be.



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